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Whilst it may not sound very pleasant to the untrained ear, fish blood and bone is actually a highly regarded, nutrient-rich fertiliser that many gardeners and horticulturists swear by.

Made from the by-product of fish that have been processed, fish blood and bone is a recycled and completely organic product that has been used for decades in gardens and allotments around the world.

Fish blood and bone works by providing plants with the three main nutrients that they require: nitrogen for growth and foliage development; phosphate for the strengthening of roots; and finally potash for improved fruit and vegetable ripening, as well as superior flower colour.

These ingredients combine to make fish blood and bone an excellent all-round fertiliser. It can be used in flower beds, fruit gardens and vegetable patches to boost growth and improve disease resistance in all types of plant life.

This website explains how fish blood and bone works, providing information on how to use it as well as some useful advice on the products available to purchase online.

What is Fish Blood and Bone?

The ingredients

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Fish blood and bone is revered by serious gardeners the world over, but what makes it so special? This popular organic fertiliser contains three magic ingredients that combine to create the perfect fertiliser - nitrogen, phosphate and potash.

Fish blood is a rich source of nitrogen that, when introduced to the soil, will encourage strong growth in plants and lead to vibrant, green foliage. Strong, healthy growth is vital if your plants are going to produce succulent fruits and vegetables that are full of flavour.

Phosphate is found in the fish itself, and is known among gardeners as a powerful, natural substance that helps plants to grow strong, stable roots. This in turn enables plants to collect all the nutrients they need to sustain themselves effectively throughout the year.

Potash is found in fish bones. This natural substance helps plants to grow healthy, colourful flowers and encourages fruit and vegetables to ripen effectively. It can also improve nutritional content, increase water retention and make plants more resistant to disease.

This triumvirate of key ingredients is what makes fish blood and bone so effective as a natural fertiliser. Most chemical fertilisers contain these ingredients in one form or another, but the majority of gardeners would much rather reap the rewards from a natural source.

The Benefits

Why use fish blood and bone?

There are so many different fertilisers on the market, so why use fish blood and bone?

In this day and age, people are becoming more and more interested in organic food and natural, healthy alternatives to mass produced foodstuff. If you are serious about gardening, and in particular if you grow your own fruit and veg, then why not use a completely natural fertiliser to help make the most of your plants and crops? Most gardeners would much prefer to enhance their fruit and vegetable crops with a natural substance, rather than turning to a man-made chemical.

Not only is it good for your garden, but it is also good for the environment on a number of levels. Fish blood and bone is a natural by-product of food manufacture and if it isn't used then it is simply thrown away, creating more waste. Also, the more natural fertiliser we use, the less need there is for companies to produce harmful chemical alternatives.

Putting aside the environmental argument for a moment, there is a reason that fish blood and bone has been used by gardening enthusiasts for decades - it is a superb fertiliser. Taking into account all these factors, I think you'll agree that fish blood and bone is pretty much the perfect fertiliser!

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As we are in the midst of the growing season, you might like to apply some fish blood and bone to your established plants.

This traditional feed will provide them with the nutrients they require to stay healthy, ensuring they look their best over the summer months.


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Fish Blood and Bone

1. Fish blood and bone is a completely natural, organic fertiliser.

2. It has been favoured for years by serious horticulturists.


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